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ADinf32 Changelog

v2.04.0001/Gen2 08/09/2023
v2.04.0000/Gen2 12/17/2022
v2.03.0000/Gen2 12/11/2022
v2.02.0000/Gen2 12/06/2022
  • Added preconfigured settings profiles to check only standard Windows user and standard Windows system and user folders. You can create new profiles by adding a profile settings menu. When ADinf32 is installed on a machine for the first time, three settings profiles are automatically created: check the entire disk and two new types.
  • Update at the request of users who use ADinf32 to control data on flash drives or removable drives: If saving a copy of a disk snapshot in the root directory is enabled, the settings profile used to build the snapshot is also saved there. The profile is saved as a standard .reg file named "ADinf32.G2_Profile([Profile Name]).reg
  • Added the ability to export a settings profile to a file. To import on another computer, you need to copy there resulting file and double-click on it with the mouse.
  • Added deletion of files "xxxxxxxx.ADinf32.Gen2.db" in the root of disks left from v1.xx/Gen2 (clean up).
  • The storage location for disk snapshots has been moved to the C:\ProgramData\ADinf32 folder by default.
v2.01.0001/Gen2 11/26/2022
v2.00.0000/Gen2 11/18/2022
v1.01.0000/Gen2 11/02/2022
v1.00.0001/Gen2 10/28/2022
v8.01.0003 05/16/2021
v8.00.0004 05/06/2021
v8.00.0002 05/05/2021
v7.03.0002 03/17/2019
v7.02.0001 07/29/2016
v7.01.0005 05/08/2016
v7.01.0004 05/07/2016
v7.00.0011 05/02/2016
v7.00.0010 05/01/2016
v6.02.0001 04/20/2016
v6.01.0003 04/22/2016
v6.01.0002 04/06/2016
v6.00.0006 04/04/2016
v5.02.0004 03/08/2016
v5.01.0007 01/18/2016
v5.00.0001 01/15/2016
v4.21.0010 01/01/2016
v4.20.0006 12/12/2015
ADinf32 is Windows 10 compatible
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