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ADinf32 Changelog

v2.11.0001/Gen2 01/22/2024
v2.11.0000/Gen2 01/20/2024
v2.10.0001/Gen2 01/10/2024
v2.09.0001/Gen2 01/03/2024
  • Improvements:
    • Another refinement of the change search algorithm has led to a significant acceleration in the analysis of changes for directories and files.
    • When creating a disk snapshot, ADinf32 previously stopped when inconsistency of information was detected and showed an error message. A modification has been made that results in multiple retries being automatically performed. constructing a snapshot and an error is issued only if all attempts were unsuccessful. By default, 3 attempts are made. More often inconsistency arises because of some process that actively modifies the file system in parallel with the ADinf32 auditor scanning the disk. As a rule, on the second or third attempt to scan, ADinf32 successfully builds disk snapshot.
  • Defects fixed:
    • FIXED: In the initial profile selection dialog, the Set as default and dont ask again checkbox did not work.
    • FIXED: In the initial dialog No disk snapshot for profile... the checkbox Skip this dialog for current profile in future did not work if "Cancel" button was pressed.
    • FIXED: Parsing attributes of zero-length files in NTFS could cause the program to crash.
    • FIXED: Fixed calculation of CRC16, CRC32 and LAN64 checksums for all file systems of the FAT family and for exFAT. The checksum calculation erroneously included data on disk after the file length to the end of the last cluster in the file. CRC48 checksums for FAT and exFAT file systems, as well as all checksums for the NTFS file system, were calculated correctly. The next time you scan file systems of the FAT and exFAT family, if checksum types are used CRC16, CRC32 or LAN64 information about changing file checksums may appear once, which should be ignored. After updating the snapshot, there will be no more false positives during subsequent scans.
v2.08.0000/Gen2 12/24/2023
v2.07.0001/Gen2 12/18/2023
v2.06.0000/Gen2 12/17/2023
New sets of background images 12/03/2023
v2.05.0001/Gen2 11/14/2023
v2.05.0000/Gen2 10/07/2023
v2.04.0001/Gen2 08/09/2023
v2.04.0000/Gen2 12/17/2022
v2.03.0000/Gen2 12/11/2022
v2.02.0000/Gen2 12/06/2022
v2.01.0001/Gen2 11/26/2022
v2.00.0000/Gen2 11/18/2022
v1.01.0000/Gen2 11/02/2022
v1.00.0001/Gen2 10/28/2022
v8.01.0003 05/16/2021
v8.00.0004 05/06/2021
v8.00.0002 05/05/2021
v7.03.0002 03/17/2019
v7.02.0001 07/29/2016
v7.01.0005 05/08/2016
v7.01.0004 05/07/2016
v7.00.0011 05/02/2016
v7.00.0010 05/01/2016
v6.02.0001 04/20/2016
v6.01.0003 04/22/2016
v6.01.0002 04/06/2016
v6.00.0006 04/04/2016
v5.02.0004 03/08/2016
v5.01.0007 01/18/2016
v5.00.0001 01/15/2016
v4.21.0010 01/01/2016
v4.20.0006 12/12/2015
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