ADinf32 anti-virus software Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  • 1) What is the role of ADinf32 in providing antivirus protection?
  • 2) Can ADinf32 fail to notice a virus?
  • 3) How to choose CRC type for checking your files?
  • 4) How to configure the check level?
  • 5) Can ADinf32 control network drives?
  • 6) How to change the interface language in ADinf32?
  • 7) What is the objective of ADinf32 Pro version?
  • 8) Is the license on annual basis or lifetime?
  • 9) License is per computer or per user?
  • 10) What does it mean: "Removal of VBR viruses?"
  • 11) What operating systems are supported by ADinf?
  • 12) Does ADinf support 64 bit systems? Does it work in Vista?
  • 13) Does the free version of ADinf32 include PRO capabilities so that all I have to do is enter a PRO registration key in order to unlock those PRO capabilities?
  • 14) Does ADinf32 require a restart during installation?
  • 15) Does ADinf32 need to be installed on an admin account?
    And what about UAC?
  • 16) Why can't I get Help from this program?
  • 17) How can I upgrade ADinf32 version?
  • 18) Why does not ADinf32 start and complains that some DLLs are absent?
  • 19) Why does ADinf32 in rare cases show error message during installation?
  • 20) Where can I find changes for every ADinf32 release?
  • 21 & 22) Why doesn't versions x.xx/Gen2 replace v8.01? Why does ADinf32 keep second diskinfotable copy in root folder for every disk?
  • 23) About a year ago I saw that v8.01 became free, and now the program has become paid again?
  • 24) How does ADinf32 work with removable drives? Flash drives and USB drives?
  • 25) How can I view the last inspection report again?

    To return to the saved log of the last disk scan, find on your computer Desktop and double-click the icon shown on the left entitled "ADinf32 Gen2 Log". This functionality works starting from ADinf32 v2.08/Gen2.

    Please note that the default settings are to log ALL changes, those. The "Hide changes" filters configured in the main interface for viewing changes are not applied. This setting can be changed in the Log configuration individually for each settings profile.

ADinf32 is Windows 10 compatible
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