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DialogueScience AntiVirus Kit v3.0 - Virus Bulletin, June 1999

"The spotlight this month falls upon a Russian product as we take a look at DialogueScience's AntiVirus Kit (DSAV). The complete package provides the user with a file integrity checking module, an anti-virus package, a mail scanning module (optional) and a card security module (optional). In this review, we investigate the first two components of this package - Advanced Diskinfoscope for Windows 9x/NT and DrWeb32 v4.10. Are the programs really two modules of a complete protection kit, or merely two standalone products bundled together by the marketing team?"

ADinf32 is Windows 10 compatible
ADinf32 успешно прошел тестирование на сайте на полную совместимость с Windows10.
Обзор на FindmySoft
Обзор ADinf32 на FindmySoft. В обзоре есть видео-ролик.
GearDownload Editor's Choice Award
ADinf32 получил награду "The GearDownload Editor's Choice Award".
ADinf32 включен в обзор и прошел сертификацию на сайте Softpedia.

"Softpedia guarantees that ADinf32 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors."

"An important feature that makes ADinf different from other disk inspectors and integrity checkers is its ability to scan drives bypassing the operating system and reading sectors one by one."

ADinf32 включен в обзор и получил наивысшую оценку на популярном американском сервере

"Even though ADinf32 is not one of those "exiting new tools" that you are going to play with every day, it is an essential gadget for power users and a valuable tool for most computer owners."

Completely FREE Software
ADinf32 включен в обзор и получил наивысшую оценку на самом популярном американском сервере Completely FREE Software.

"We were most impressed with this program and consider it a worthy addition to any computer to work beside (but not replace) your regular anti-virus program."

List SOFT По результатам голосования посетителей популярного сервера ListSOFT программа ADinf32 единственная из антивирусов получила три наивысшие оценки "ListSOFT рекомендует!", "ListSOFT Best" и "ListSOFT Users Choice"!
Высшая награда на сайте SoftList!

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ADinf32 is Windows 10 compatible
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